The Sohl Foot & Ankle Mission

We know that over the course of a life, many people experience some type of foot/ankle ailment.  Some people meet a foot and ankle specialist early in life when problems like flat feet, ingrown nails or plantar warts become apparent.

Others experience traumatic or overuse injuries sustained during simple life blunders, athletic or work-related activities.  Seemingly spontaneous foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or neuromas has been known to bench men and women while in the prime of their lives.

As we all get older, more insidious foot and ankle problems like painful calluses, joint stiffness, arthritis, bunions, hammertoes, tendon dysfunction or pain at the ball of the foot can lead to loss of function and/or decreased quality of life.

And of course not all people develop hard-to-trim toe nails, but those that do benefit most from treatment of a skilled podiatrist.

Sohl Foot & Ankle wants to be your trusted medical provider who can provide you with thorough and compassionate care in a welcoming environment.  It is our mission to provide our patients with honest evaluations and comprehensive treatment plans to help keep our community on their feet.


Andrew Sohl, DPM

Walking the Path…

Dr. Sohl has been leaving his foot-print in Lower Bucks and Northeast Philadelphia since 2011.  He spent a couple years serving patients from an office in Bensalam PA, then a few more years at offices in Yardley, Glenside and the Rhaunhurst/Foxchase neighborhoods of NE Philadelphia.  At the same time, he was also serving patients with foot and ankle surgical needs at local hospitals including Jeanes Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, and the Jefferson-Aria hospital campuses of Bucks and Torresdale.

In 2014, his wife, two daughters and he moved from South Philly to Bucks County to set down roots for their growing family.  Thanks to the feedback and encouragement his many patients, he decided to open his own practice in Bucks County.

Now the doors are open, and he is hoping word gets around that he is back in business and ready to help folks young and old.  Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope to see you soon during this exciting time.  We will be updating this website regularly to add new features and helpful information.

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