Podiatry Telemedicine 

We do Podiatric Telemedicine!!!  Our patients can use this option for podiatry consultations from the safety of their home.  It’s an easy and effective way to start helping your foot and ankle problems today.    

Steps and checklist to initiate a Telemedicine appointment:

  1. Call 267-699-3839 or send us a request through our appointment page. 

  2. Only new patients need to download and fill out the new patient forms.  Options to return those forms include scanning to email, fax, or mailing to our office. 

  3. Hardware needed for telemedicine appointment: a mobile device camera and microphone; or computer with integrated or external camera and microphone.

  4. Software/App options include: Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo, or Skype.   

  5. Good lighting

  6. A quiet environment with decreased peripheral distractions.  

  7. Keep your favorite shoes close by for inspection.  

Call 267-699-3839